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Month: February 2017

5 things not to miss during Sri Lanka holidays!

Sri Lanka holidays really do merit their status as an increasingly popular tourist to-do. If you live there however, you’ve got even more opportunity to give the island’s incredible attractions their due. Here are 5 unmissable things to get you started. 1. Beaches It’s a cliche, but Sri Lanka really does have some of Asia’s best beaches. You won’t find the party scene of Bali or Thailand here, but if you want to unwind, Sri Lanka’s southern coast is ideal. These tend to get quieter and more unspoiled the further east you go, while further west, Mirissa and Unawatuna...

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Sri Lanka History

Woven through Sri Lanka history is a story of strife between the country’s two biggest ethnic groups: the Buddhist Sinhalese and the Hindu and Muslim Tamils. Almost every ancient site has two conflicting legends surrounding it, and historians often struggle to distinguish fact from myth. What is generally agreed is that Buddhism arrived on the island in the 3rd century BC, reputedly carried here by the son of the Indian emperor Ashoka. The earliest Sri Lankan civilisation was based around the city of Anuradhapura, which still endures as an atmospheric ruin, along with its successor city, Polonnaruwa. The collapse...

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Sri Lanka Holiday Customs

There are many cultural differences about Sri Lanka that may be unfamiliar to you. Here are some tips on how to best impress and get along well with the locals by learning Sri Lanka Holiday Customs: Although locals are generally familiar with Western-style handshakes and greetings, there is a proper way to say hello in Sinhalese. The verbal greeting ayubowan is accompanied by a slight bow and placing the palms together in true namaste fashion (like in the picture above). And if shaking hands, it is a sign of respect for visitors to place their left hand on their...

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A few words about Sri Lanka Holidays!

If I had to sum up Sri Lanka holidays in a few words, it would probably include the following: Stunning beaches with rolling waves, mountains covered in mist, elephants, leopards, whales; a majestic history, enjoyable tea and kind smiles. With so many wonderful things to do and see on this small island, you could be enjoying the beach waves at dawn and be admiring the awe-inspiring mountains by dusk. Sri Lanka provides a grand array of holiday experiences for you to enjoy, from beach relaxation to wildlife watching, adventure sports to pilgrimage to ancient cities. The hospitality of the warm...

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Sri Lanka Holiday – Learn all about Sri Lanka and take a holiday!

Your introduction to Sri Lanka! Hello and welcome to our beautiful country! (and blog 😉 ) This will be a post to outline some basic information about Sri Lanka so you can get a better idea of the place you’re looking to visit. Your next Sri Lanka Holiday is within reach!   First a few facts: Our Population is 22 million and our beautiful amazing Capital is Colombo. We have a pretty small Land Area of just 65 600 km² but its all beaches and tranquil forrests.  Sinhalese and Tamil are the two official languages of Sri Lanka with English is widely used for education,...

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